Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Elf on a Shelf Brilliance.... or so I thought!

Almost one full week of no work has been FANTASTIC.  The fact that I still have another 4 days... even better.  Well there has been lots of knitting and relaxing and movie watching.  Not much else.

I had the best idea this Christmas, and I have since found out that my brilliant idea was already thought up.... sad.

The Nutcracker - a.k.a. Santa's Spy

My little guy picked out this nutcracker when we were getting decorations before the holidays.  I of course agreed to bring him home and he decided that he should sit on the mantle so that he could watch everything.  That gave me an idea.  Thinking I was brilliant, I told him that the nutcracker watches kids for Santa and would make sure that he was being good over the holidays.  Of course this worked like a charm on everything from eating dinner, to cleaning up toys.

Thinking I was the smartest Mommy on the planet, I told one of my friends with an equally unruly toddler.  She quickly said "oh ya - like Elf on the Shelf?"  I quickly was brought up to speed.  


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