Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lila's Cardigan

A rare modeled version of I believe to be the first sweater I have TOTALLY loved!

Lila's Cardigan
Patons Angora Bamboo - 10.5 skeins

Need to find a shawl clip - I grabbed an old piece of my grandma's costume jewellery I got found recently to show off my project.  Would normally wear it with grey or black underneath (not teal), but thought about taking a modelled shot while I still had hair/makeup done from work.  With a home office these days, the dressed to be in public look is a little more rare :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

So, my last post about Resurfacing was clearly a GIANT lie!

With a very bustling new business, the knitting world had been pretty neglected.

This weekend, I was left to my own devices for most of the last 2 days and have spent the evening hours knitting up a storm.  I have a very soft, perfect fitting Lila's Cardigan drying on the back of the couch.

Will grab a nice closure for that sweater tomorrow and think I might have the very first new knitted object that I cannot WAIT to wear!

So photos to come!

Having some issues with keeping up with the blog.  With Ravelry being such a great option to share and see what other people are doing, I am starting to re-consider going back to the blog.... thoughts from others?