Thursday, January 27, 2011


Working for yourself is often a great gift and a great load on your shoulders.  These last weeks, I have been experiencing the latter.  Evening with the little guy go quick and then it is back to work the next day.  On the weeks he is with his Dad, I have been trying to cram every bit of time in on projects that at the end of the day (8 or 9 PM) - the most interesting activity is sleeping.

So - suffice to say - there has been very little knitting activity.

Well, except for this....

What is it you ask?  Well, I had some unspent Christmas GC's for Chapters and treated myself to....

A KOBO!  I could not justify spending $40 on their lame excuses for cases, so I found a ball of yarn and went to work.  Knit it in Moss Stitch so it would be nice and thick.  The BF laughed at my crafty-ness and said that it looked like a robot.....

I have already loaded a few of the knitting patterns I am using and like that I don't have 12-15 loose pages in my knitting bag - half way through The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman, and really love the E Ink display.  Also the fact that it comes pre-loaded with 100 classic books (most of which I have NEVER read).  

I did a bit of research on Kindle vs. KOBO, and just liked the simplicity of this interface and that there is not a GIANT keyboard at the bottom that I will not use.  It's no iPad, but I current own 2 Macs, 2 PC's and an iPhone - so another computer was not in the cards :)

OK - enough slacking..... back to work!

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  1. Got one for my dad for Christmas. I use the kobo app on my iPad and love it. Enjoy!