Thursday, January 6, 2011

Technology Extravaganza

Getting sick of my LAME iPhone photos?

I sure was, so I took a trip into Staples yesterday and got a FANTASTIC deal on a easy point and shoot digital camera.

I got a Canon Powershot A490 - the best part was that it was marked down to $129, and then at the till it was marked down to $79.  DEAL!  It is a nice super portable camera to use for quick photos at home and at work.  I have no real interest in getting to in-depth with photography - so this definitely fits for me.

The other new techy pick I have been playing with is the Flip HD Video Camera.

I picked it up over the holidays for $99 on with some Christmas Money.  I was disappointed that I did not have any great video of the "crazy boy" opening his gifts and I have found that the digital camera/video option is a little lame, so after reading some great reviews I picked up the Flip.  It takes and hour of video in HD with great image stabilization, easy download to a Mac and a really nice little emailing app so that you can share the video with family.  Since all of my family is across the country, they miss the fun little things a 2 year old likes to do (perform) for everyone - so I figured this would be great.

Add to that I picked up the latest iLife for my Mac which has a great video editing program that anyone can use to string together lots of little videos into one DVD.

Ok - enough nerd-talk..... back to work!

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