Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Knitting is Bossing Me Around

Well - me and my Mondo Cable Cardi are taking a break from each other.  After ripping out the sleeves twice and the neckline three times, I tried it on and went - YUCK.

I have fallen out of love with this sweater and need to put it away for awhile.  I find it interesting that I knit cardigans all the time, even though I never wear them.  I have gifted 4 of my sweaters (all cardigans) to family or friends, yet I keep the sweaters - maybe I should catch the hint...

So in effort to not lose my mind and throw my project out the window, I am casting on a new project to keep my hands busy.


I have not knit anything for my little guy in ages - so I figured - he was due.  Will start tonight and see how it goes :)


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