Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Stash

Before Dyepot

After dyepot

I recently got some fantastic yarn from a stash on Ravelry - when I got it, I loved the colour, but didn't think it would work well on me.  I was set on a specific project for it, so figured I would take a shot at re-dying it.

I skeined up the yarn (it took forever as I had a 2 year old assistant) and soaked it in warm water with some white vinegar.  Then I fired up the slowcooker on low and added some Wiltons Icing Dye.  I put the wet yarn into the water and let it sit in the dyebath until the water was clear - about 30 minutes.  

Love the end result!

1 comment:

  1. Lisa: I like the new colour. I have some 'coral' sport weight yarn that I got at a garage sale, and I think the dye pot might be the answer! Coral is just a little too bright! Peg
    PS Hope you are happy in your new place.