Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big Update - some FO's, WIPS and Christmas Decorating

It has been a little slow in updates on the blog lately, but I have been busy! Here are some completed projects and new ones I have gotten started on!

Completed Caelum for Lucas

This is a Christmas Gift for my sisters little boy - just in time to get in the mail for Christmas without having to pay more for postage than I did for the yarn.  

Used the Caelum Pattern from Ravelry and plan to make another one for my little guy with the same yarn soon!

I have also finished my resurrected Mondo Cable Cardi and made it into a short sleeved vest that will fit Carson's Grandma perfectly  - just working on some seaming and button closure for the top!  Pictures to come!

New WIP's - Boyfriend Hat and Cedum

I cast on 2 other projects as well:

#1 - the Boyfriend Hat - from the Hat Fit for a Boyfriend Pattern - here is my project link!  So far have been knitting on it last night and will tonight while the Boyfriend is working in the evening.  Good thing it is a hat and not a sweater or I am sure he would catch me :)

#2 - Cedum - wanted something quick and comfy.  We just had a week of crummy weather not that long ago which made me want to cast on something warm.  The pattern used Seed Stitch which in bulky yarn makes for a very "skwoooshy" (in loss of a better word) fabric that will be nice and cozy!  The pattern is knitting up quick at 12 sts per inch and I already love it!

A little Christmas Decorating

Picked up a new "fake" tree at the Depot this weekend - the new condo is of course real tree un-friendly - so I found a cute fake one to do the trick.  Gingerbread house preparation with the boys starts tomorrow night - I am preparing for a mess and a candy-high 2 year old!

My decorating assistant!

Here is my decorating assistant that thinks that the plant behind him looks much better with lights!


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